Saturday, July 29, 2006

SMB: Super Mario is Back!

Box art for New Super Mario Bros. for the Nintendo DSJust got a new game for my Nintendo DS, and this time, 3D gaming would be rendered unfashionable. Aptly named New Super Mario Bros, this is the newest side-scrolling Super Mario portable platform game since the release of the monochromatic Super Mario Land for the old Game Boy.

Im speaking geek here, so what does all this mean?
Mega Mario: Using the Mega Mushroom, Mario is now four times bigger.
Basically, this new Nintendo DS game brings back nostalgic memories of the 80's because of its revival of the old 2-D motion control used by Nintendo's Family Computer and Super Famicom consoles. Since most of the newer Mario episodes out in the market are set in 3-D worlds (except for the select Paper Mario line), the New Super Mario Bros on the Nintendo DS entices both new and old school gamers to go back to the classics.

Other than reverting to the old linear gameplay, NSMB has more to offer. Even though it is 2-D in motion, the graphics, background and characters are in 3-D.  The polygonal treatment gives a refreshing look to classic settings and iconic characters. Mario and Luigi now look more sophisticated but they still retain the fundamental characteristics they possess for more than two decades ago since they first appeared in the arcades.

Moving Mushrooms. Tandem play with Luigi.But wait, there's more,  NSMB also features new powers never before seen in the original Super Mario. The new powers include a Mega Mushroom, which makes Mario giantic in size big enough to occupy the entire screen and trample on enemies, a Mini Mushroom, which miniturizes Mario in a teeny-tiny speck  able to move faster and fit into tiny crevices in the game and finally the Shell Power which gives Mario a turtle suit able to withstand attacks. New characters and enemies are also introduced. Blue jays, walking pumpkins and moving mushroom platforms also make the Brothers' journey more exciting.

I have to admit that I'm getting hooked to this game. Right now, I just finished the second Bowser castle in World 8. Good thing I could save my recent developments in the DS' built-in flash memory card. All in all, the New Super Mario Brothers is an excellent game. The legacy of Mario's classic 2-D motion lives on through this newest installment to the super saga. Speaking of 2-D motion games, I can't wait for the release of  Yoshi's Island 2 in November just in time for my birthday, Yoshi's Island 2 is another new side-scrolling platform for the Nintendo DS.

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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

of rainy days and Mondays

Ang Saya saya noh! 

Today is TGIS: Thank Gloria its SONA.  Salamat sa ulan ni Glenda at sa takot ni Ate Glo na dumugin ang kanyang 6th State of the Nenok Echoserang Address ay walang classes ngayon. Napakadami kong nagawang makabuluhan ngayon katulad ng matulog, mahiga at makipaglandian sa mga housemates ko sa bahay ni Bretchay. Sobrang amazed pa rin ako sa Goggle Earth Plus at nagsearch ako ng mga kilalang world cities na di ko pa napuntahan like Paris and the Eiffel tower, NYC's Chrysler bulding, Japan's Mount Fuji pati na ang pagkaliit-liit na bansa ng Micronesia at ang black gold-rich country of Nauru. Ayun lang naman.

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Thursday, July 20, 2006

2 YEARS of being marooned!

Yes, I almost didn't knew it but this July is my blog anniversary month. On July 7, 2004, I posted my first blog entry in Blogspot. Life has never been the same after that. Thanks to the wonders of blog, I could now remember every stupid thing I did with my life! Everything is documented, and its is archived in the back seat portion of my journal.

Only recently, (two months to be exact) I transfered to LJ. My Blogspot account still works but it directly links it to LJ, somewhat of a simulcast on two channels.

Well, im kinda lazy today to create a 2nd anniversary special but its quite amazing realize that two years of blog life has gone by.

Maybe I'll post some tribute to the past. Soon.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Sakit ng ulo?

BiogesicMy lazy day started when I woke up at 9:30 to roam around the house. Yes, I have less time to do that. Then by 12:00nn I left for school. Twenty minutes after that, when I was already approaching the Katipunan flyover, behold the traffic starting at the foot of the overpass. Damn it. Fortunately, I came to school earlier today. During Tuesdays and Thursdays, my classes start at 1:30 and ends at 6pm, with no breaks. Then, the strangest thing happened. A few minutes into my Philo class, (last class during T-TH) i suddenly had a splitting headache. This is truly the first time in my life that I had an instantaneous headache. And the headache has really painful. I barely survived the 1 and a half hour class with the discussion of Plato. I was so nauseated by the last 30 minutes of it that I almost vomited inside the classroom. It was kind of weird since I never experienced anything like this. I even ate luch just before the start of my first class. Maybe its food poisoning from the cafeteria food. Well, thats an old story. I took two tablets of Biogesic immediately after the class. Product placement huh. Up to this time, my head still hurts. Huhuhuhuhu.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I heard about you back two weeks ago...

Magsisimula nanaman yung mga malabo kong posts about what happened to me. Ganun talaga ako lalo na pag wala kang friend na masabihan. (HAHAHAHA!! LOSER!!)

Paksyet talaga yang radio star na yan! Papatayin ko talaga yan. Napanuod ko na to e. (Sa video ba?) Pero lagi naman ako nadadala ng palabas, as if di ko alam yung mangyayari next.

Sayang talaga, unfairness kasi e. Hayayay, pero shung-shung pa rin ang lola moh. Kailangan tanggalin sa sistema ko to. Study hard, play harder. Pang-ilan na commercial break na yan di pa ko nasanay. At least may major timeline pa rin ako. Yess, sana after ko magawa tong entry na to, mabago ko na yung defective kong emotions. Enjoy lang dapat. Kalma lang.  Andyan lang naman ang tunay theme song ng buhay ko e.

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Monday, July 17, 2006

Volks of the Day # 3

Its easy like Sunday morning. Nothin else to do but to post a Volks of the Day pic!!
Today is a special day because we have two beetles in a single photo.

Seen in Buendia Avenue, Pasay City.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

some chessy video report

I have nothing good to wrtie about today but fortunately I have a new video to share. Nothing grand or evocative about the video but as the song goes:

And now we meet in an abandoned studio.
We hear the playback and it seems so long ago.
And you remember the jingles used to go.
Oh-a oh
You were the first one.
Oh-a oh
You were the last one.
Video killed the radio star.
Video killed the radio star.
In my mind and in my car, we can't rewind we've gone to far
Oh-a-aho oh,
Oh-a-aho oh

Better have it on video than hear it from the radio.

This short three and a half minute clip is a report about thinking faith in Theology 151. Its neither funny nor melodramatic, just a simple scripted discussion on how Catholics should involve themselves in a lively, Christ-centered discussion about recent moral-political issues.

Shux, I sound like some thelogian-freak. I should stop making these posts. Well I have nothing else to post, so there.
You gotta have faith.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Mang-aagaw ng lakas...

Do you know the song "Narda" by Kamikazee? Its controversial nowadays because of a line in the song which has a double  meaning. 

Nag aabang sa langit
Sa mga ulap sumisilip
Sa likod ng mga tala
Kahit sulyap lang Darna

Sa costume ni Darna, ano kaya ang nasa likod ng dalawang stars/tala na naka-patch sa outfit niya? Hmmm.

But what's more exciting and amusing is that Michael V, the creative genius behind the Philippine gag show Bubble Gang has come up with a spoof version of the song with a matching music video to boot.

Check this out!

Baklang Mamaw!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Travelogue Rewind- Dubai

I remember it was sem break last year when I went to the UK [England] to visit my folks. Since I was not able to blog what happened to my trip, here's a long overdue post.

Here is the view from the tarmac while I was climbing the stairs. Im bound for Manchester Airport, England. Because of the limited direct flights offered by the handfull of airline companies here in the Philippines, I was forced to take a connecting flight to Dubai Airport. DXB or Dubai International Airport serves as the hub of Emirates Airlines. (obvious ba, kaya nga UAEmirates eh)  Ok naman yung serivce nila, each seat has its own LCD screen wherein passengers can watch popular tv shows and movies in the in-flight channel system or view the progress of the flight with the airshow map. Sa channel na ito makikita mo yung nasa ilalim, sa harap at sa gilid ng airplane dahil may live feed galing sa mga kamerang nakakabit sa eroplano. Taray di ba!

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Dubai Skyline

Pagdating sa Dubai, kain muna tayo sa... Mc Do! San pa ba di va? They don't accept US$ daw, Dhs lang. Dhs? ano yun di ba? Ahh, Dirham, yun yung pera sa Dubai.
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Mc Donald's Dubai Airport          Bretch Original Photo Copyright 2005-2006

Global Capitalist Mc Donald's, arabian style. Mc Falafel anyone?

Thats me waiting outside the gates of my connecting flight to Manchester. I'm halfway around the world and I only have Php 500 in my pocket!

Kamusta naman, bawal daw ang bading dun. May kakilala daw si Elgin na dalawang tuklesang nagchukchakan sa isang medyo public place ang nahuli at pinadeport pabalik sa Pinas. Hindi ito gay-friendly country like jolly-gay ol' England.

Underground kung underground ang gay community dito. Good luck sa mga gay dance clubs na nagtatago throughout the city. Kaya pala dito naghahasik ng lagim si Uma from PBB. Well rumor has it na botomesa daw siya. Di naman siya exactly from Dubai but Israel  would also has the same policy: BAWAL ANG BADING.

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What happens next? Visit my blog soon.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Volks of the Day # 2

This Volkswagen Beetle was seen in Bautista Street, Makati City.
Color: Mustard Yellow
I love those banana-type mags! (really looks like a banana because it's yellow)

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Volks of the Day

This volkswagen was seen in Bautista street, Makati City.
Color: Electric blue