Friday, September 29, 2006

Running on Reserve Power

Remember the series called 24? Almost every hour yesterday was exciting and weird enough to merit an entire TV episode.

 I was lining up for tickets for UAAP Game 2. I was crazy enough to camp out the yellow gate ticket booth with two other 2nd year Ateneans. I only met them that night.

Another Atenean joined us who brought a guitar. Imagine sober people singing in a non-sober way.

Six more people lined up, most of them are drivers and yayas of other Ateneans. Now I'm reduced to such low level. I started out an arrival sign-up sheet for documentation purposes.

Araneta Center closes down, most of the lights were turned off. Weird people started to pass by. An old gay man in a tight shirt smiled at me. Eww!! A trannie was making her rounds. Tambay na lasing people joined in the fun. 

Sign-up sheet was already on its 5th page. Cutie guys started to arrive.

Hard rain and gale force winds started to shower us. Just heard from the radio that its already signal number three in the metro.

Free breakfast from Tita Emy, a lady we reserved a slot at 2am. The perks of having the power of the sign-up sheet.

Games today are cancelled, according to Tita Emy. 

No tickets today! Worthless.

I went home as the typhoon started to emerge. Trees swayed with the wind.

Dozed after arriving at home. Power loss.

Typhoon gets stronger. A tree branch fell down the backyard.

Transferred the heavy gas range and oven inside the house plus the LPG tank. We can't cook outside anymore.

Rain still spurts through the locked windows.

Gutter-high flooding in the streets.

Heard from the radio that a person parking his car in Makati was trampled to death by a giant billboard.

Took pictures of uprooted trees outside the house.

Dozed off again.

Played Super Mario 64 again and again.

Ate dinner beside the stove.

Went outside the house. The street was soo dark that the sky is much brighter.

Cellular phone battery's dead. Can't text anyone right now.

Rechargable lamp flickers and slowly dims to black.

Snuggled with my *ahem* 


How was your day?

Monday, September 25, 2006

Crinkles with Coffee

Not everyone knows about this delicious thing called..

Strawberry Crinkles

Ang sarap sarap!

More Bretch Videos!

This video was made for my LS100 class. This serves as an intro for our report on the Gourmet Coffee Shop industry in the Philippines. Coffee's Angels is the title of this video, and Im sure that it will crack you up. :)

Saturday, September 23, 2006

All night, I wanna goo-ohh.

Last night was one of the all-nighters for CTK Integrative Project. I played host this time because the venue was my house.

This is my groupmates before we started burning the midnight oil.

So bangag at 2AM. Hey Kids!


Havta doze off pa for a few hours, tomorrow's my grad pic photoshoot and POS100 mtv shooting.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Festival Continues

Finally, after being shelved for a few months, the Kumpas ng Buhay video was shown to a whole class. Yes, my Theo 151 class saw my heartbreaking social awareness MTV. Maam Tessa was amazed with my work. The entire class applauded after it was shown. 

And now the Video Fest continues with another classic Bretch music video. Close was created for theo 131. The entire video report lasts for 26 minutes and the music video serves as a commercial gap for the news format discussion on homosexuality. The title of the news program is 24 Minuto ng Badap Badap, a parody on Wazzup Wazzup. 

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Bretch Video Festival

A good way to celebrate the 4th anniversary of BRETCH online is to have a video festival of sorts. One of my least popular videos I made was this music video remix for Sci10 class in collaboration with Vip. During that time in 2003 when I was editing this video, I really dont know how to maximize the use of Adobe Premiere Pro's transition and color key effects. The result is a primitive but byte-busting slide show rendered on my DV cam. Powerpoint would have done a better job with less the fuss.

Monday, September 18, 2006

its four years of bretch online

September 16, 2002 is the day in the history of the internet where I first posted my online journal through the MG Yahoo! groups.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

that big eared dog

I just came home from a music video shoot in school. Its been a while since I staged a medium budget production like this. Unfortunately, some of the scenes were accidentally deleted! Now we have to shoot that first scene again. Oh well, I cant wait to edit it. Maybe I'll start editing now. Hehehe.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

social awareness

This is a video I made a year ago for Theo class. It was created during the time of the ultra stampede. Preferential option for the poor huh.


quote of the day

The World Wide Web is the only thing I know of whose shortened form takes three times longer to say than what it's short for.

— Douglas Adams, The Independent on Sunday, 1999